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Christmas Tree Decorating Inspiration: Peppermint Games

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Refresh your holiday style.

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with our peppermint-inspired Christmas tree design. Our in-house tree designers and Christmas buyers poured over thousands of Christmas decorations and holiday decor pieces before arranging this red, white, and wonderful creation.

Although some items are available online, every product we use to create our Peppermint Games tree design can be found in a Winter Wonderland Showroom near you. These locations can be found in the following states:

Now that you know where to shop, let's get into what makes Peppermint Games an eye-catching Christmas tree decoration style.

The Style Details:

The Peppermint Games Christmas tree design features a blend of popular Christmas characters, such as jolly Santa Claus ornaments, fashionable snowmen, and playful gingerbread girls and boys. Together, these familiar faces unite to create a holiday setup that is equally classic and sweet.

Hues Who:

Red is the most striking hue in this design, and it pairs well with the evergreen needles of our Kensington Fir Artificial Christmas Tree. This specific tree comes with configurable LED lights, and our tree decorators made quick use of this feature by setting the lights to a warm yellow and red glow to complement the other design elements.

If you're interested in experimenting with this look, multi-color lights build upon the playfulness of this setup, while cool white lights would add a dash of seriousness that wouldn't feel misplaced.

The decorators continued the color theme with a white tree collar and glossy red wrapping paper for a look that pays homage to a timeless holiday treat–the candy cane. Here's how you can recreate this look in your own home:

What Stands Out:

Play is a defining characteristic of our Peppermint Games Christmas Tree. The billowy striped ribbon garland and oversized peppermint sprays and baubles showcase the design's lightheartedness.

It taps into the childlike happiness of a snowy Christmas morning or a stocking filled with sweets. The Peppermint Games Christmas Tree Design is as fun as it is festive and would be at home in a house that craves a pop of youth and color.


The origin of the candy cane is unknown. However, people credit a choirmaster in 1670 who gave sugar sticks shaped like shepherds' crooks to his singers as the founder.

Recreating the Look

Our Peppermint Games Christmas Tree was designed using a 7.5-foot tree with a full shape. The recipe was written with those dimensions in mind. If you're working with a larger or smaller tree, see our Christmas Tree Decorating Guide section below.


  • 6 - Set of 3 Red and White Snowflake Ball, Onion, and Finial Ornaments
  • 4 - Set of 2 White Snowflake Ball and Finial Ornaments
  • 2 - Set of 2 Red and White Glitter Snowflake Ornaments
  • 3 - Set of 3 Noble Gem Santa, Snowman, and Gingerbread Ornaments
  • 4 - Set of 2 Snowman Head Ornaments
  • 3 - Set of 3 Snowman with Knit Hat Ornaments
  • 4 - Set of 2 Snowman with Hot Chocolate Ornaments
  • 3 - Plastic Candy Cane with Bow Ornaments
  • 4 - Set of 2 Crisscrossed Candy Cane Ornaments
  • 4 - Set of 2 Crisscrossed Candy Cane Ornaments
  • 4 - Set of 2 Glass Peppermint Stripe Ball Ornaments
  • 6 - Sparkly Peppermint Lollipop with Bow Ornaments
  • 6 - Peppermint Swirl Glitter Candy Spary
  • 3 - Glitter Peppermint Wired Ribbon Rolls
  • 4 - White Pine with Mini Red Ball Sprays
  • 4 - Birch Berry Branches
  • 4 - Marshmallow and Pompom Berry Picks
  • 4 - Red and White Candy Stripe Picks
  • 4 - Red and White Gift Box Spays
  • 4 - Red and White Snowflake picks


Helpful Hack: Bring this recipe in-store to have one of our associates locate the items for you. Click here to find your closest showroom.

Christmas Tree Decorating Guide

Everyone’s decorating style is different, but here are a few recommendations we have for bringing our Peppermint Games' look into your unique space once you’ve found your perfect Christmas tree.

  • 20 ornaments per foot of tree
  • 100 lights per foot of tree
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