What Makes Our Christmas Trees Better

What Makes Our
Christmas Trees Better

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

A tree to pine for.

For a timeless Christmas tradition, trust the brand that makes high-quality artificial Christmas trees their specialty. From the tips to the base, Christmas at Fortunoff Backyard Store puts a lot of time and energy into ensuring our artificial Christmas trees are the best in the market. Here’s what you have to look forward to when you opt for faux tree from Christmas at Fortunoff Backyard Store:

More Tips

Whether you call them tips or branches, know you get more for your money when you choose our artificial trees. We design our Christmas trees with more tips than competitors, giving you more space to display your Christmas ornaments. The average tip count for one of our faux trees is 2,150. Depending on the tree's size and shape, you can expect anywhere from 1,207 tips to a whopping 13,962. You may run out of ornaments before you run out of branches, but that's not all our artificial Christmas trees have to offer!

More Lights

We like to think Christmas lights are like family memories. You can never have too many. Our artificial Christmas trees come with more lights per square foot than our competitors. Find up to 4,000 lights on our fake Christmas trees in multiple variations. Whether you prefer the warm glow of incandescent bulbs, the whimsical brilliance of multi-color lights, or luminous LED Christmas lights, our tree forest has everything you need to light up your living room, entryway, or any room in your house! All you have to do is find the right fit.

Note: Do you need help finding a Christmas tree? Check out our Christmas Tree Guide.

More Variety

When we say we have a spruce (or fir or pine) for every space, we mean it. With over 80 trees and 28 collections, Christmas at Fortunoff Backyard Store is your one-stop shop for trees and holiday accessories. Filter our assortment by shape, height, color, and feature to find the perfect faux tree. Whether you want a 6-foot flocked spruce with Bluetooth compatibility or an unlit entryway tree with an extra-long cord, we have what you're looking for and everything in between.


Decorating a Christmas tree in your home originated in Germany in the 16th century.

Better Construction

We use a blend of traditional PVC (polyvinyl chloride) needles and hyper-realistic PE (polyethylene) needles, molded directly from live Christmas tree branches for the most realistic tree branches. Our unique ratio of soft-to-the-touch PE needles and value-oriented PVC needles makes our trees fuller than our competitor’s artificial Christmas trees. See the difference in our tip count and overall shape and feel.

Easier Setup

Extension cords are a hassle. Make holiday decorating easier on yourself with our PowerConnect™ Poles and connect your light sets directly to it for quick and easy setup. If you prefer a pre-lit Christmas tree, enjoy features that make setting up your tree a breeze, such as our Long Life LED Lights™. They’re energy-efficient and tested to last year after year. Many of our LED pre-lit Christmas trees also have Dual Color Functionality®. With Dual Color LEDs, you can create a light show in your home with up to 9 different light functions and colors. You can even sync the lights to music with our Bluetooth adapter. We even solve burned-out bulbs with our Sure Lit™ Technology. It keeps your tree lights on when there is a disruption to the string and makes swapping out dead bulbs easier.

More Personalized

Our tree designers listened to what you want in the perfect artificial Christmas tree and put over thirty years of buying experience to work when designing our exclusive line of faux trees. We hand-selected the needle types, the heights, the tree colors, the shapes, and more based on customer feedback. When you purchase a Christmas tree from Fortunoff Backyard Store, we deliver a unique and tailored-to-you tree.

Stronger Warranties

Every Christmas at Fortunoff Backyard Store tree comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and up to a 3-year limited warranty for the built-in lights. This warranty protects your faux tree and Christmas lights from all construction defects, so you are always guaranteed a quality product. It's how we make our artificial Christmas trees (and our customer service) the total package.

Did you find this guide helpful? Explore our Christmas Help Center! We tackle everything from the pros and cons of real and artificial Christmas trees to how to find the best Christmas tree for your space. If you have a question about Christmas trees, we have answers.

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