How to Find the Right Tree for Your Space

How to Find the Right Tree for Your Space

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

Holiday magic for every space.

Christmas trees are a lot like people. They come in many shapes, heights, and colors. Some are skinny and over six feet tall. Others are large and snow-flecked with a width that almost rivals their length, and then we have entrance trees—fluffy, pint-sized bundles of holiday spirit that are shorter than most children. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which tree is right for you. Below, you can find some handy steps to help you find the perfect spruce (or pine or even fir) for every space in your home.

Step 1. Find a Location

Christmas trees are a focal point in any room, so depending on your style needs – are you looking for an accent piece or something that commands attention— determine how much space you want your artificial Christmas tree to fill. Also, keep an eye out for available outlets. Extension cords exist, but set up your Christmas tree near a power source to avoid an unsightly tangle of wires.

Step 2. Measure for Height

Great, you found a place for your tree! Now, figure out how much tree that area can handle. A 9-foot tree looks great until it's crushed against the ceiling, so measure your ceiling heights with a tape measure. It's all fun and reindeer games until you don't have enough room to place the finishing touch on the top of your Christmas tree.

Once you know the height of your ceiling, measure the height of your favorite Christmas tree topper. Then, subtract the tree topper’s height from your ceiling height for how much tree your space can handle, but keep in mind your original intent for this space. Just because you can get a 12-foot artificial Christmas tree to fit into your guest room doesn’t mean you should. A Christmas tree can be a loud room accent, or a faux tree can add a hint of seasonality to an already cohesive space.

Step 3: Choose a Width that Works

With a tree height in mind, the next step is to find a tree shape that works within your space. The number of ornaments you plan to use can help with this process as much as your chosen setup location. A wider (or fuller) tree will have more tips, which means more branches to hang ornaments on. If you have a lot of Christmas ornaments saved up over the years, a fuller tree is the best choice.

However, if this is your first Christmas decorating a tree, a slimmer tree requires fewer ornaments to look great. It’s also important to factor in the other furniture items in your selected space. A large tree could impose on your favorite armchair, hide the TV, or make other furniture inaccessible, while a too-small tree could come across as a festive houseplant. We recommend measuring the width of the desired placement space and adding six inches so your tree isn't crowded.

Step 4: Style is Everything

Size is important, but if you don't love the look of your tree, it will never "fit" in your space. Consider lighting and needle color options to find the perfect artificial Christmas tree, or find inspiration in our tree decorating style guides. We have many faux Christmas tree options to choose from. Shop by size, shape, and even color online, or visit a showroom near you to experience our Christmas Tree forest.

Did you find this guide helpful? Explore our Christmas Help Center! We tackle everything from the pros and cons of real and artificial Christmas trees to how to fluff your faux Christmas tree.

12th Dec 2023 BigCommerce

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