An Overview of Teak Patio Furniture

An Overview of Teak Patio Furniture

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

Sustainable. Durable. Teak.

Some things work to be excellent, while others are natural at it. Fortunoff Backyard Store’s sustainable teak material is the latter.

Teak possesses a variety of unique features that make it one of the most popular outdoor furniture materials online and in our showrooms. It’s as durable as it is beautiful, but there’s more to teak than that.

Teak Grades

Many people don’t know this, but teak’s quality can be rated on a scale of A to C. Grad A teak is characterized by a smooth complexion with little to no discoloration, knots, or wood imperfections. Grade B and C teak trails closely behind with a smattering of the flaws and color inconsistencies listed.

Teak: The Ecofriendly Material

Teak is an excellent choice if you’re trying to make more eco-conscious decisions. While teak is not our only eco-friendly option, it is a popular one. Fortunoff Backyard Store is committed to keeping the great outdoors beautiful, considering we promote a comfortable outdoor lifestyle.

We’ve done the legwork to track down only sustainable teak suppliers to minimize our effect on the environment. Sustainable teak may be a foreign concept to some, but there is a way to provide the teak furniture you love with minimal environmental consequences, and we do just that.

Featuring Eastchester Teak Bar Set

At Fortunoff Backyard Store, we only buy teak directly from suppliers who replace every tree they take down, meaning there’s no middleman or environmental damage.

Our relationship with our suppliers is part of the reason we’re able to offer such high-quality teak outdoor furniture for a fraction of competitors’ prices. This makes us not only a friend to the environment but also your wallet. Trees keep nature beautiful, and we fully support their growth and ability to thrive.

Speaking of thriving, it’s no secret trees flourish outside, and our solid teak outdoor furniture is no different. As the only material with a natural resistance to rotting and insects, teak is a premier material for outdoor use.

It’s as robust as it is eye-catching, and the teak’s warm glow brightens up any outdoor space. In fact, teak is an excellent canvas to experiment with a variety of design styles.

Featuring Eastchester Teak Bench


Most of the world's teak comes from Myanmar–not the Amazon Rain Forest.

Teak: The Hardy Material

The simplicity of teak makes it a classic material regardless of how it’s styled. It can transport your outdoor space into a rural landscape with the promise of adventure around every corner or a home-outside-your-home with welcoming, overstuffed cushions perfect for cozying up with a glass of wine and a good book. Whatever style strikes your fancy, teak manages to pull off every look.

There is still plenty more to learn about our teak outdoor furniture, so subscribe to our email list to keep up-to-date on part two of our teak series. The next post will cover how teak ages and ways to preserve it.

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