Refresh Your Patio: Outdoor Cushions

Refresh Your Patio: Outdoor Cushions

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

Sink into comfort.

Comfort should always take priority when selecting an outdoor furniture set. Many Fortunoff Backyard Store patio sets come with complimentary all-weather, solution-dyed polyester cushions.

We always recommend Sunbrella® fabric outdoor cushions or other acrylic-fiber cushions like Sunbelievable® and similar outdoor performance fabric brands as an upgrade for many reasons.

Acylic Patio Cushions VS Polyester Patio Cushions

Our acrylic outdoor cushions come with longer warranties. Warranties for polyester patio cushions only last year, but Sunbrella®'s warranty (and other acrylic fabric brands) last up to five years. Plus, our outdoor cushions made with acrylic fibers resist fading, mold, mildew, and water thanks to their color-saturated acrylic fibers, making them the best outdoor fabric if you care about longevity and outdoor performance.

Acrylic-fiber patio cushions will last longer and look better compared to our polyester cushions, but patio cushions are one of the easiest outdoor accessories to swap out. It’s common for customers to buy a few different cushion options to update their patio furniture throughout the year.

Outdoor Fabric Grades

We offer a variety of outdoor cushion patterns and colors to choose from to help you bring your personal style to life outdoors. Our patio cushions feature a variety of fabric grades. Here’s what you can expect from each grade:

Featuring Beige and Navy All-Weather, Polyester Outdoor Cushions

Basic-Grade Outdoor Fabrics
Our all-weather, solution-dyed polyester cushions make up our Basic-Grade Cushion offerings. We currently carry two colors: beige and navy, and our Basic-Grade Cushions are the cushions we offer for free with select dining set purchases.

Standard-Grade Outdoor Fabrics
Our solid-colored, 100% solution-dyed acrylic blend cushions are considered Standard-Grade Cushions. We carry a variety of colors and offer a $19.99 credit to upgrade from a Basic-Grade Cushion to a Standard-Grade Cushion with select dining set purchases.

Featuring Spectrum Caribou and Spectrum Mist Patio Cushions

Featuring Royce Indigo Backyard Cushion

Premium-Grade Outdoor Fabrics
Some 100% solution-dyed acrylic blend cushions are considered Premium-Grade Cushions. However, our Premium-Grade Cushions are defined by their intricate woven patterns, lush textures, and rich colors. We offer a $19.99 credit to upgrade from a Basic Grade Cushion to a Premium Grade Cushion with select dining set purchases.


Sunbrella® isn't the only bleach cleanable outdoor fabric. Any cushion grade above Basic will offer you the same benefits.

Cleaning Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushion maintenance begins with brushing the dirt and debris off your patio cushions with a soft bristle brush. Next, run your outdoor cushion under warm water before cleaning it with mild soap. Rinse until the water runs clear. Allow the cushion to air dry.

Treating Stubborn Outdoor Fabric Stains
Sometimes soap and water don't get the job done. When that happens, we have to look at the source of the stain. Adding a quarter cup of bleach or white vinegar to your water mixture helps with stubborn stains. Our customer support team can help you find a mixture that works if you need extra assistance.

Protecting Your Outdoor Cushions
All of our outdoor cushions are designed to handle the elements. To extend the life of your outdoor cushions, we recommend investing in furniture covers to keep them looking their best.

Helpful Hints:

      1. Extend the life of your outdoor furniture by storing your cushions when not in use.
      2. Prevent pillows and cushions from becoming waterlogged during rainy weather by turning them on their side.

Customers can shop our vast outdoor cushion assortment online and in stores for trending colors and exclusive designs. There is still plenty more to learn about outdoor fabrics, so subscribe to our email list to keep up-to-date.

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