Outdoor Furniture Maintenance: Preparing for Winter

Outdoor Furniture Maintenance: Preparing for Winter

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

Feeling cold? Grab covers.

Winter brings ice skating and snow days, but it also brings extra outdoor maintenance. Cold weather can be detrimental to patio furniture if the furniture is neglected.

Snow buildup can make outdoor furniture unusable while sleet and rain can cause mold, but these winter-related issues are preventable with the right tools and care instructions. So, if you want to ensure your backyard furniture lasts this winter season and the next one, here's what you should do:

Patio Maintenance

Patio Maintenance Good outdoor furniture maintenance can extend the life and beauty of your backyard set. We recommend monthly cleanings for patio furniture, but we recognize winter isn't the best time to wash your car, let alone your outdoor furniture. So, to avoid turning your deck into an ice skating rink with soap and a bucket of water, our winter patio maintenance routine begins with wiping the frames clean.

Preparing Your Patio for Winter

We recommend using a clean soft-bristle brush or towel. Make sure you remove all cushions before wiping down the frame. Our outdoor furniture is mold resistant.

However, mold can grow on dirt and other debris, so be thorough. After you wipe down your patio furniture, wipe down or vacuum the outdoor cushions. Once your cushions are clean, you're ready to talk about storage.


The first official day of winter is December 21.

Outdoor Storage

Properly stored patio cushions don't have to be cleaned as often as outdoor cushions exposed to the elements. It's best practice to store your cushions when the cushions or throw pillows are not in use. We recommend using an air-tight outdoor storage container. Our outdoor storage solutions are designed to keep patio cushions and outdoor throw pillows safe and dry through winter and beyond.

Furniture Covers

Don't let your patio maintenance go to waste by skipping on furniture covers. Dirt and dust are constants in our lives, but furniture covers minimize the impact. Our patio furniture covers are extremely durable and built to shield your backyard furniture from wind, rain, and intense sunlight. The covers are exclusive to us and designed to cover our furniture sets and patio products perfectly. Some are even built to cover your patio cushions too.

Let us know how these hacks worked in your space by tagging us on social media. Use hashtag #fortunoffbys for a chance to be featured. Looking for more patio tips? Click here or subscribe to our newsletter.

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