Introduction to Patio Umbrellas

Introduction to Umbrellas

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

Relax in the shade.

Sun protection is critical regardless of the season, and summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your outdoor space. Whether you're hosting a pool party or a barbecue, an outdoor umbrella can keep you and your guests cool and protected from harmful UV rays; now, we know what you're thinking–how complicated could choosing the right umbrella be? Shopping for an umbrella is easy when you know these two things: your options and how you plan to use your umbrella. In this blog, we cover both.

Umbrella Types

Umbrella Types There are four types of leisure umbrellas you will commonly encounter in the world: the beach umbrella, the garden umbrella, the market umbrella, and the cantilever umbrella. All umbrellas provide shade, but some do it better than others, depending on the setting.

Beach Umbrellas

Beach Umbrellas This aptly named umbrella is commonly found buried in the sand seaside. Its canopy is often polyester with plastic fixtures, making it a budget-friendly option. Most consumers invest in beach umbrellas for vacations because they are lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

Umbrellas are a lot easier to move around without a weighted base, and lucky for beachgoers, beach umbrellas don't come with one. It's best practice to bury beach umbrella poles. The weight from the sand keeps the umbrella stable and allows you to move it wherever you want shade, but don't forget the sunscreen! The canopy on most beach umbrellas is not UV resistant, which means UV rays can penetrate the fabric.

Garden Umbrellas

Garden Umbrellas Garden umbrellas are similar to market umbrellas with one style difference–a valance. Valances are decorative structures that hang from the canopy and are usually dome-shaped; they are purely ornamental, and their presence won't affect the quality of your shade. Unlike beach umbrellas, garden umbrellas are meant to be inserted into a freestanding, weighted umbrella base.

You can insert a garden umbrella into a patio table too, but the umbrella will still need the support of an umbrella base. Quality and price for garden umbrellas vary by brand. However, it's a good sign if the garden umbrella you're looking at is made of aluminum and has a canopy that resists UV rays, like Fortunoff Backyard Store's selection of garden umbrellas.

Market Umbrellas

Market umbrellas closely resemble garden umbrellas in price and function, but they are more linear in shape and lack a valence. Market umbrellas, like garden umbrellas, generally do not come with a base, but require one to keep them upright and in place. The quality of market umbrellas varies, but Fortunoff Backyard Store typically stocks market umbrellas with aluminum poles, shade ribs, and weather-tested canopy materials.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas, also known as arc umbrellas, are the largest umbrellas in this group and have a special pole shape that curves to provide shade beyond its base. This unique functionality often makes them the most expensive umbrellas on the market, but the cost coincides with improved mobility.

High-quality cantilever umbrellas, like the ones in stock at Fortunoff Backyard Store, can swing 360 degrees to provide shade wherever needed. They are also built with weather-tested materials like aluminum and UV-resistant fabrics. Other cantilever umbrellas may be made with lower-quality materials and have reduced mobility, but the basic shape and design should remain the same.

Now that you’re familiar with the various types of umbrellas on the market, you’re ready to dive into the specifics. In our next blog, we'll explain the anatomy of an umbrella and what each specialty part does to bring shade to your outdoor space. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed and check out our other blogs.

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