How to Shop for Patio Furniture

How to Shop for Patio Furniture

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

Quality time in quality patio furniture.

At Fortunoff Backyard Store, it’s our mission to make it easy for everyone to spend more quality time in their backyard. But with so many different types and styles of outdoor furniture on the market, it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s why we put together this outdoor furniture shopping guide. We take you step-by-step through finding the right patio furniture for your lifestyle and space, so you can spend more time relaxing outdoors and less time browsing the internet searching for the perfect backyard set. Here’s how to shop for outdoor furniture:

Decide how you use your space.

What is your vision for your backyard? Consider how you like to entertain and relax. Do you enjoy having people over for dinner or hosting pool parties? Maybe you prefer watching the game or chatting around a fire with your spouse. Different types of furniture sets make it easier to enjoy certain activities. A quick-drying, sling chaise would be better for a home with a pool compared to a cast aluminum lounge chair that conducts heat in the sun. Answering these lifestyle questions will help you narrow down which outdoor furniture sets best fit what you need to enjoy your life outdoors.

Consider the size of your space.

Outdoor furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so measure your space before beginning your search. Don’t think that an apartment balcony can only fit a bistro set or a hanging chair. Knowing the exact dimensions of your patio or backyard will help our Backyard Specialists suggest sets that support your outdoor interests and fit perfectly in your space.

We can outfit small spaces with configurable sectionals and coordinate with our store managers to build a custom set with you, or for large spaces, furnish your backyard with an entire collection–complete with a patio dining set, seating set, and poolside furniture. All you have to do is visit a Fortunoff Backyard Store near you with your space measurements, and we’ll work with you to take care of the rest.

Think about the style of your home.

Outdoor furniture should complement your home’s style. If you have a classic home, classic-style patio furniture will pair nicely whereas, a modern home calls for more modular shapes and outdoor accents. At Fortunoff Backyard Store, we carry a range of furniture styles to enhance the comfort and personality of every space. Our design specialists can even help you mix and match style pieces to create an outdoor escape that is entirely your own, but there’s more to home-style than trims and finishes.

We also consider your landscaping, fencing, and railing. Some decks and outdoor spaces have a railing to create a defined space. This type of fencing can obstruct your view while you’re enjoying your backyard, so to avoid this problem, we often suggest an outdoor furniture set that sits higher or lower to facilitate the best view. Keep these types of style questions in mind when looking for outdoor furniture or visiting one of our showrooms, and you’re sure to have a fun and productive shopping experience.

Choose the right materials.

Outdoor furniture is made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and resin. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is a popular material that looks great in any setting, but it requires regular maintenance, specifically sealing.

Metals such as cast aluminum, aluminum, and wrought iron are durable and easy to care for, but they can get hot in the sun. Plastic is a low-maintenance material, but it’s not very durable, which is why you won’t find any plastic outdoor furniture in our stores or online. Instead, we carry marine-grade polymer and enhanced resin wicker patio furniture for improved outdoor performance and durability. Still, resin wicker and polymer furniture have their drawbacks.

To help you figure out which outdoor furniture material would be best for your space, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will my outdoor furniture be exposed to direct sunlight for more than 6 hours a day without coverage?
  • Do I live close to salt water?
  • Am I okay with light to medium maintenance? (This would be cleaning your furniture about once every three months and covering it when it’s not in use.)
  • Do temperatures drop below freezing regularly where I live?

If you answered yes to question one:
Polymer, cast aluminum, aluminum, or wrought iron furniture would be the best materials for your space. These four materials stand up to intense sunlight the best and have UV inhibitors blended into the finish to prevent fading, peeling, and bubbling. They’re highly durable and come with the longest-lasting warranties.

We always recommend furniture covers with our sets to protect the furniture and improve its longevity, but they are a necessity if you’re set on having wicker patio furniture. Teak could also be an option, but if you want to maintain its honey color, it must be regularly sealed and covered because it will patina quickly in this environment.

If you answered yes to question two:
Polymer, teak, or wrought iron can all withstand salt exposure. Teak will require the most maintenance, but furniture covers will make that work more manageable, while the polymer and wrought iron are two very low-maintenance materials that can easily become heirloom furniture.

If you answered yes to question three:
Teak and resin wicker require the most maintenance out of all the furniture materials we offer at Chair King Backyard Store. Wicker must be protected from the elements and does best when not in direct sunlight. Teak can withstand a fair amount of neglect, but it patinas. If you want to keep your teak furniture’s signature color, you have to clean and seal it once every three months. Teak can also be restored once it patinas, but this requires more effort.

If you answered yes to question four:
Polymer, cast aluminum, teak, and wrought iron withstand freezing temperatures the best. They’re sturdy materials with little give, so their frames wouldn’t be damaged when temperatures suddenly drop.

Budget accordingly.

Outdoor furniture can range in price from very affordable to very expensive. It's important to set a budget before you start shopping so you don't overspend. At Fortunoff Backyard Store, we offer furniture at every price point. From our special value and clearance sets to our new arrivals, we believe outdoor furniture should be for everyone. We even offer special financing options and Affirm to help our customers relax sooner.

Check for warranties.

Before you buy any outdoor furniture, be sure to look at the warranty. This will help you get an idea of the quality of the furniture and whether it's right for you. There are often three common furniture warranties: frame, finish, and fabric. The frame warranty will often be long lasting and can be a great indication of the furniture’s quality. A long-lasting warranty means the patio set was built with durability in mind, whereas a shorter warranty may suggest an item needs to be replaced regularly.

Shop around.

Once you know what you're looking for, take some time to shop around. Compare prices from different retailers and find the best deal. Make sure you compare warranties and materials when you browse, and if you find a Fortunoff Backyard Store furniture set at another place for a better price, show us! We’ll happily beat that price by 5%, ensuring you always get the best deal and value when you shop with us.

By following these tips, you can shop for outdoor furniture that will make your outdoor space the perfect place to relax and entertain. Let us know these steps worked for you by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram with your new backyard furniture. There is still plenty more to learn about our patio furniture, so subscribe to our email list to keep up-to-date.

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