Artificial Christmas Trees vs Live Christmas Trees – What You Should Know

Artificial Christmas Trees vs Live Christmas Trees – What You Should Know

Posted by Fortunoff Backyard Store

Faux trees. Real Christmas magic.

The search for the perfect Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition, but with more shoppers looking for sustainable options, is a real Christmas tree right for your household? In this blog, we walk you through the pros and cons of live and artificial trees. Here's what you need to know:

The Cons of Real Trees:


Roll up your shirt sleeves because real trees come with more than a pine-fresh smell. Live Christmas trees are like houseplants; they need constant watering, or their needles dry out and become a fire hazard. Live trees also shed, so sweeping is necessary to keep the space around your tree picture-perfect. You can also run into issues with your tree leaking sap since it stains hardwood floors, so watch out for messes if you opt for a live tree. For a more low-maintenance option, find an artificial tree with PVP needles for a lifelike replica without all the fuss.


Unlike fake trees, real trees require water to maintain their lush look. Without it, their branches begin to dry out and sag, which puts your ornaments at risk of shattering and creates a fire hazard. The water the tree sits in also becomes poisonous to dogs after it mixes with the tree's sap, so keep pets at a distance!


While most trees found on a Christmas tree farm are sustainable, buying a new tree every year leaves a much larger carbon footprint than buying an artificial tree you’ll keep for 15+ years. If you’re concerned about the environment, a faux tree lasts longer, costs less in the long run, and has fewer environmental consequences than buying a live tree year after year.

Limited Styles

Mother Nature is good, but the options are far from endless when it comes to real Christmas trees. There are no slim tree styles or white needles. What you see is what you get, and often, what you get is creepy crawlies making friends with your ornaments and then your living room rug. Why run the risk when you can opt for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective option?

The Pros of Artificial Trees:


Everyone loves that classic evergreen scent, but our artificial trees make up for the good smells with better health thanks to our hypoallergenic construction! No one should have to miss out on the most beloved Christmas tradition because of allergies or asthma. We’ll leave those issues with the real trees.

Low Maintenance

Skip the daily watering sessions and the needle sweep-ups. With a fake tree, you can start decorating as soon as you take it out of the box! See the difference in a Christmas at Fortunoff Backyard Store tree with their easy-to-fluff branches and PowerConnect poles. Decorating a tree has never been easier when you invest in a high-quality Christmas tree.


Nothing will ruin your day faster than a house fire before Christmas. Why take the chance when the safest option is just as beautiful? Our artificial Christmas trees are made with fire-retardant materials to ensure your safety when you let those Christmas lights burn through the night. You can’t say the same about a real Christmas tree.


Buying a tree year after year starts to add up, and it's not great for the environment. An artificial Christmas tree is the best value for your wallet and the environment. Our faux trees are sustainably made and reduce post-Christmas waste in landfills. We build our trees to last and leave a smaller impact on our planet. Find the tree you’ll reach for year after year here.


All of our trees can be dropped off and picked up at a store near you, so all you have to do is unpack it and enjoy a range of features that make setup quick and easy, like our PowerConnect poles for easy electrical connections, built-in LED lights, and more! Learn about what sets our trees apart from our competitors.

Plenty of Styles

Unlike real trees, we offer a multitude of artificial Christmas trees in different sizes, shapes, and styles. We even have matching wreaths and garlands to create a consistent look throughout your home.

Christmas fir trees made for forever.

Do you need more information about how to set up your Christmas at Fortunoff’s artificial Christmas tree? Check out our holiday blogs! To keep up to date with all things related to Christmas, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you never miss a beat.

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